Episode 17: Laura Hunter Drago – writer/producer/actress


Episode 16: First Assistant Director Richard Whelan


Episode 15: The Writer’s Room with Steve Harper


Episode 14: Austin Basis Part 2: Women in the business, Scarlett Johansson’s lawsuit and more.


Episode 13: Being An Actor with Austin Basis: the Actor’s Studio alum talks at length about the profession of acting and his personal experience as an actor.


Episode 12: Actresses Olga Safari and Andrea Figliomeni share their stories from the making of Obsessions, and talk about their careers and influences as actors.


Episode 11: Rising independent director Aashish Chanana talks about his latest film, Obsessions, and about what drives him as a filmmaker and storyteller


Episode 10: All About Directing – Award winning director and Hollywood historian Jim Hemphill talks about Clint Eastwood, Bradley Cooper and what it takes to be a director


Episode 9: The Misogyny of the Studio Era – Author and Hollywood Historian Pam Munter talks about her latest book which exposes the sexism of Old Hollywood


Episode 8: Emmett Preciado – actor and transman talks about his work in The Good Doctor and Good Trouble, and the progress towards inclusion in Hollywood


Episode 7: Dave Macomber – Stunt Coordinator for The Falcon and the Winter Soldier


Episode 6: Chris Davis – Production Designer, Art Director unveils the amazing creative world of Art Department


Episode 5: Actor, Voice-Actor and Acting Coach Joe Ochman talks about the craft, the characters and his protege Dave Bautista


Episode 4: Actress Eileen Grubba discusses Hollywood’s treatment of actors with disabilites.


Episode 3: Stunt Performer John Nania shares with The Screen Forum his insights and experiences on how stunts are put together from planning to performance for television and movies.

Episode 2: Writer/ Producer Steven L. Sears comes to the screen forum to discuss his experiences breaking into the business, as well as giving insights regarding the show he may be best known for – Xena:Warrior Princess.

Episode 1:  The lives, careers, and creative styles of Rod Serling and Guillermo Del Toro are the subject of our first episode.  Our featured guest is Marc Scott Zicree, a writer, producer and director with over 40 years in the entertainment business. Author of The Twilight Zone Companion and Guillermo Del Toro Cabinet of Curiosities, Marc shares his unique insights into these two men, both of whom are mentors for him in his own career.