Mark Oguschewitz

Mark graduated from the Columbia College Film School in Chicago, Illinois in 1992 before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the movie industry. During his almost 20 years as a freelance editor, Mark has worked on numerous films, documentaries, webisodes, industrials, music videos, commercials and just about anything that needed editing. In 2013, his work on the award winning short film LIBERATOR earned him the Best Editing award from CineRocKom International Film Festival and then in 2019 he was honored with a “Best Editing Award” from the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival for his work on the short film “Medea.”
Mark’s work has extended past the editing room. He has writing, producing and directing credits on the short films A WRITER’S STATE OF MIND, THE PERFECT MAN, and GOURMET, which went on to win the Best Micro-Short honor at the “2007 International Horror and Sci-Fi Film Festival.”
Mark is also known for being a film reviewer for the website “Adventures by Daddy”, the creative consultant for the podcast “Skywalking through Neverland” and the co-host of the popular podcast “Talking Apes.” 
Mark’s Website
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Nathan Wildes

After previous career pursuits in international relations and in the casino business, Nathan found his true calling in the entertainment industry.  That was nearly 15 years ago.  Since graduating from The Art Institute of Las Vegas, Nathan’s career has taken many turns from which he has amassed great experience and knowledge of the business.  Nathan is an award-winning writer, producer and director with several short documentaries and narrative pieces.  He is currently line producing a feature comedy and also writing, producing and directing a documentary feature.  Nathan has also worked as a freelancer in entertainment media for over 3 years reviewing movies and TV shows, interviewing celebrities, and covering industry events.